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Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

What if you could finally know with certainty what you're meant to do with your life, right now? Wouldn't decision-making become effortless? Share your email right here and I'll send over our FREE Decision Decoder so you too can spy a happier life. #spieslikeus



Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering:

  • Who am I REALLY?

  • What would make me the kind of happy that doesn’t fade after 2 months?

  • When did everyone else figure this stuff out?

"Because I swear we were all in the same boat, like yesterday."


You'll SPY on...

What You Value

This is different than what your parents, teachers and community taught you to value.

What Drives You

Discover which of ten basic human DRIVERS your values support?

Your Motivations

Find out which of the four major human motivations, your values fall within?


Learn the important questions to ask yourself every time you have a major life decision to make?

Hi, I'm Tracy Otsuka...


Attorney, entrepreneur, avid boycotter of the status quo, and a card carrying member of the Purpose Police where I'm passionate about spying on human potential and purpose.

I mastermind Coretography, a brand spankin' new breed of self-development that's quick, simple and practical and teaches you how to make decisions effortlessly and figure out your whole life's purpose starting in one afternoon.

"Discovering my Top 16 Values instantly changed me. It was unbelievably liberating! I began making decisions based on my values consistently. I learned that I have very different values than my parents do. Coretography gives you a North Star and a path. It gives you the tools to discard what doesn’t serve you, cling tightly to what does and understand why you struggle with some people in your life."

Brandy Barris

"I was worried that my depression would prevent me from being able to complete the course. What I actually realized is that my depression is a condition of not being around people that accept my values and who I am and lead me to question everything."

Denise MaGee

"Tracy goes above and beyond to make sure this experience is not only informative, but also fun. I was blown away by the energy, and passion that Tracy has for this subject. My biggest takeaway was learning without question what my values are. That was the link I’d been missing for so long."

Alicia Butler

Overhauling your life can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be that way. SPY a happier life and download the Decision Decoder now!


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